Saturday, May 31, 2014

Box Hill Job

In late 2013 I completed this design for some clients in Box Hill, after a consultation process. 

Paying particular attention to the back yard, they wanted to have play space for their children, some garden beds for growing veggies and some as lower maintenance gardens, back yard chickens, and some fruit trees, while maintaining a small section of lawn, surrounding the old Japanese maple.

In order to make way for the orchard we had to bring in the big machines, which we used to pull and and remove 40 odd cubic metres of concrete, a bunch of scrub and to re-arrange a bit of dirt too...

 To end up with a clean slate ready for re-building

:( this gall wasp ridden lemon tree eventually went too! ):

We installed these retaining walls using recycled railway sleepers and gravel (no concrete).

 Then started work on the VEG style chicken coop and orchard system

 Then we added some edging and sheet mulched over the top of fertilized, mineralised and de-compacted soil. The paths were underlayed with crushed rock road base. 

 ...and finished with the native and perennial gardens, evergreen olives and citrus, sand pit, grey water and irrigation systems, and a shed with water tank.

Winter planting of fruit trees to follow...

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