Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Brunswick 2011

This Job began with a design consultation process from which two concept designs were generated. It was completed in conjunction with Lucas Guilbert.
Both included similar elements but rearranged in different configurations. In the end the client decided they wanted a combination of the two concepts, namely the front yard from concept A and the back yard from concept B. Furthermore they requested a pond, which became a main feature of the front yard.

Implementation began with clearing the old garden garden and paths. Then building the pond, which is rain filled via a first flush like system from a downpipe and overflows to a basin of rocks, watering the landscape.

We then added paths, which along with the pond edge were constructed out of Mudstone. We then sheet mulched the front and back, using large sheets of cardboard and tree loppers mulch.

The Client had already purchased some large fruit boxes which we turned into wicking garden beds.

Then we added lawn and fruit trees to the landscape. The fruit trees are watered using a Laundry to Landscape style grey water system and the pictured tropical area is additionally watered with passive rainwater harvesting off the roof.

This is the garden one year on... in the background you can see the chicken run.

The front yard establishing...